Epson Projector Setup: Starting off and Activating the Device

When we are talking about Epson projector setup methods, there are actually many steps and also a wide range of topics to manage it.

Do you want to manage the setup to connect the computer to the projector? Or do you want to connect the projector to a wireless network?

Or do you want to connect the device to other tablets? There are different ways to do it. Be sure that you know what you want to do, and then learn how to manage it all.

How to Project Wirelessly

Your projector comes with a (wireless) LAN module so you can connect your device to a network wirelessly.

Keep in mind that your computer (which you are going to project the images) must have its own built-in (wireless) interface or it should own its own wireless card.

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How do you manage the Epson projector setup for this particular use?

  • Turn the projector off. Unplug its power cord
  • You should be able to see the latch for air filter cover. Slide it so it can open
  • Remove the screws that secure the stopper for wireless LAN module. Remove its stopper
  • Insert that LAN module to the already available port
  • Replace that stopper and then use the screw (that you have previously removed) to secure the stopper
  • Close the cover
  • Plug the power cord in again and then turn your projector on
  • Choose Menu button that is available on the remote control and then go with Network and Enter
  • Go with Network Configuration and then Enter
  • Choose Wireless LAN and then Enter
  • Pick the Connection Mode. Press Enter to choose Quick or Advanced. Quick is for direct connection (for your smartphone or tablet or computer) while Advanced is for a connection to an access point or a router. Then go with Enter again. Once you are done, choose Esc so you can go back to the menu Wireless LAN.
  • In the event you choose the Advanced mode, go with Search Access Point and Enter. Use your (arrow) buttons to highlight the SSID within the list
  • If the network has its own security system, then you need to feed the password. Ensure that you provide the right one, including things that are related to the lower or uppercase. It’s case sensitive. When you are done, choose Finish and Enter.
  • Still within the Advanced mode, choose IP Settings and Enter. If the network somewhat automatically assign the addresses, check and ensure that the DHCP is on. If not, turn it on and provide the projector’s Gateway
  • Address, IP Address, and Subnet Mask when needed
  • If you don’t want the IP address and the SSID to appear on the standby screen (of the network), set the mode for IP Address and SSID Display to off
  • When you have done tweaking the settings within the Wireless LAN section, go with Esc
  • Choose Complete and then Enter. Choose Yes, and Enter again so you can save the setting
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Turning the Projector On

When you want to turn the projector on (before you connect it to other devices), you need to know how to do it right

  • Remove the lens cover
  • Connect power cord to the power inlet on the projector, and plug in the cord to the power outlet
  • The power light on the projector should turn orange. It means that the device gets power, but it is still within the standby mode so it isn’t turned on just yet. Be advised, though, that if you activate Direct Power On, the projector would turn on immediately after the plug is in
    Press the projector’s power button. This action would make the device to beep and you will see green flash of power light. Wait for around 5 seconds, and the light will stop flashing. If it turns into solid and continuous green, your device is ready. Now you can connect it to any device that you want.
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Connecting the Projector to Your Laptop

Managing Epson projector setup for laptop connection (to the projector) is pretty simple. Once you have ‘prepared’ the projector, now you need to:

  • Connect the (wireless) LAN module to the projector’s USB A port
  • On your laptop, you should see wireless networks lists. Choose the name for your projector
  • During the setup, you need to download Easy MP projection network software.
  • Choose the option Quick Connection Mode and then OK
  • Choose the projector’s name and then press Connect button. By now, the connection has been made and the projector screen should display your (laptop) screen.
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So, there you have it: Different ways to manage the projector. As you can see, none of the Epson projector setup steps are difficult, are they?

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