Epson Printer in Error State: What Is It?

When you get a message about Epson printer in error state, it’s quite easy to be overwhelmed or confused. Well, don’t be.

This kind of error is possible for some reasons; so it’s not the result of only one major cause.

Some of these issues can be related to not having enough power supply, faulty ink cartridges, installation errors in the software, and so much more.

The issue can happen when you are using the Windows 10 device or you are using models, like Epson XP 410 or WF 3640.

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean to get Epson printer in error state message? This is the issue when your printer stops working. Period.

It won’t run anymore unless you troubleshoot the problem. But then again, not everyone is familiar with this problem, while in reality, long-period of users must have been quite familiar with this issue.

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • There is an issue with the printer’s software. It’s also possible that the installation doesn’t run well or properly
  • The printer may have issue with the hardware
  • The printer may not be connected to the system correctly. It’s also possible that it’s not activated properly
  • There are may be paper jams inside the machine. It’s possible that jammed bits may affect the printer
  • You may not use the right cartridge. You may not use the proper type of cartridge or the original one
  • There is power issue that cause the printer to be in an error state
  • The printer may have corrupt or outdated printer
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Check the Originality of the Cartridges

The reason why you get the error state message is highly likely related to the quality of cartridges you are using.

You should only use the original cartridges and also the types being recommended by the company. Check whether you are using the right cartridges

Printhead Blockage

When the printhead is clogged or blocked, it’s possible that the printer would be in an error state. After all, the printhead is a crucial part in the printing task.

It’s a good thing to maintain the printhead in a good condition, so it would be dirt or blockage-free.

  • Turn off the printing machine. Open the cover and slide it (the printhead) to the left
  • Turn the printer again to perform a test page. Check the colors to see whether they are affected or not
  • Go to Control Panel and off you go with Tools
  • Choose Print Quality option
  • There are some possible errors on the report (print quality type). Solve these and then OK
  • Choose Menu, go with Settings, and then OK
  • From Tools, choose the option Clean Printhead, and OK
  • Leave it for a while as the (cleaning) process takes quite a while. If this is the issue, then you should be able to use the machine normally and smoothly
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Check for the Connection

When you get Epson printer in error state message, you need to check for the connection, and try restarting it.

If the printer is connected properly to the system, it shouldn’t have any physical issue.

  • Turn off the printing machine
  • Check the printer’s tray for jammed paper or even pieces of them
  • Check the ink level. Too low level may cause the issue
  • Turn the machine back on again
  • What if your printer is the wireless type? Then restart the device as well as the modem together.
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Update the Printer’s Driver

If the driver (for the printer) is outdated, the system will somehow automatically restrict you from accessing (and using) the printer. The simplest way is to update the driver.

  • Access the Windows button and R button so you can access Run
  • Type in ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the box and then Enter. It should open the system’s Device Manager
  • You should be able to find the printer in this section. Once you do, right click it
  • Choose Update Driver Software. The next thing you know, you will see a window open
  • On the section Updated Driver Software, pick Search Automatically
  • Then, you will see instructions on the screen. Follow them to complete the entire process

If you do everything correctly, those steps should work well to remove the error state. If it still doesn’t work, then you need assistance.

You can always go to Epson official site and access the customer support. All in all, you know what cause the Epson printer in error state and some of the possible troubleshooting methods.

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