How to Fix Epson Printer Error 031008?

So, what actually happens when you encounter Epson printer error 031008 code? You should know that different code would mean different problems.

Epson, being one of the leading brands in the world, is able to manufacture products for various different purposes.

But because of the complexity of the technology and the system, the products are also prone to some issues – whether it is technical or human-error.

By differentiating the codes, the manufacturer tries to categorize different issues, which also mean that they categorize the reasons and the possible solutions.

If you have never heard about 031008 error code, this is the right time to learn more about it.

The Possible Reasons

There are several possible reasons why Epson printer error 031008 happens to you. The most common reasons are:

  • You pack too many papers on the tray, which leads to paper jam. It’s the paper jam that is responsible for the issue
  • There are debris or external particles that somehow block the printhead carriage, leading to the issue
  • The ink cartridge has too low ink level or it is left empty. This will cause the printer to automatically pause (or stop) the printing activity.
  • You don’t place or pack the cartridges correctly within the printer
  • You use a damaged or faulty USB cable. This is especially correct when you try to connect the printer to the computer with the cable (not through wireless connection).
  • There is something wrong with the USB port. Still related to the previous reason, it’s possible if the USB port is somewhat damaged, affect the connection
  • You use the improper cartridges. Epson always advises the use of original and official cartridges to avoid such a thing. Epson printers are ‘designed’ to be compatible with only original Epson cartridges. If you use other types, it’s possible that the machine would ‘refuse’ it.
  • The driver is outdated, damaged, or defected. It’s one of the most common reasons why issue happens.
  • There is blockage on the printing nozzles. It’s possible when you don’t use the printer quite often or when there is excessive cleaning effort (done by the printer itself).
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Check the Cartridges

Cartridges are the most common reasons why Epson printer error 031008 happens, so it’s only logical if you check it the first time.

  • If you get a warning related to your low ink level, you should refill it or replace the cartridges right away. If not, you will only get blank printouts or faded one.
  • You should also be aware of the priming process. It’s when the printer prepares its printhead for the new cartridges. It’s actually not a bad thing.
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However, it’s possible that the printer would push ink too much from time to time basis, and then that extra ink will spread on the printhead.

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In the end, it may block or jam the nozzles. From this case, there are two things that you should do:

  • Replace or refill the cartridges as soon as possible when the ink level is low
  • Be aware of the priming time. You can consider doing cleaning process afterwards or another possible maintenance method so you can avoid nozzle blockage.

There is a possibility that ink problems start building up even when the printer is inactive. Let’s say you always keep the printer on a Sleep Mode or when you don’t turn the printer off whenever it’s not in use.

It’s possible that the nozzle would dry up over time. It’s always advisable that you turn the machine off when not in use.

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Another possible method is to activate the mini cleaning cycle (after every inactive moment or after Sleep Mode), so the ink would keep flowing.

How to clean the printhead?

  • The printer should be free from all kinds of connections. Remove cables or others so the machine isn’t connected to anything. Turn it off
  • Open the case. Slide the printhead, moving it to the left.
  • Print nozzle check pattern to check whether the printhead is blocked or not. If you want to perform a cleaning method, there are some ways to do it. Check the internet for the steps. Even better, check the YouTube if you want to learn more about the proper steps

Another Solution

You can also check whether there is a paper jam or whether the printer is dirty or not. If you suspect the culprit is the USB cable or the port, check it out.

In short, there are many reasons for Epson printer error 031008, but there are also many solutions to it.

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