Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

You need to understand the proper way to manage Epson Connect Printer setup Mac when you want to connect the printer to your Mac.

Many people would give up on the initial stage and prefer hiring a professional service to do the setting. Don’t be discouraged, though.

Although the operating system may be different from the regular Windows, you can actually be able to manage it.

Understanding the requirements would be the basic must-have attitude. Understand the steps completely.

If you are able to do these all, you should have no issue with the setup processing.

The Initial Requirements

In case you don’t know it, Epson Connect is the program providing (mobile) services so that you can scan or print documents from anywhere.

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You can use your smartphone or tablet without having to connect it to the printer. This technology is convenient because it creates a more efficient workflow that can affect (and benefit) your productivity.

If you want to activate Epson Connect on your Mac, there are several things to prepare first:

  • Prepare the printer by setting it up. Before you can tweak the Epson Connect, it should be managed with the network connection. Check the ‘Start Here’ sheet for further instructions.
  • To find the sheet, access the main page of Epson support. Choose the printer you have, pick Manuals and Warranty, and then choose Start Here.
  • Thoroughly check and ensure that you have met all of the requirements.
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Managing the Setup

If you read and understand the Epson Connect Printer setup Mac process, it is actually quite straightforward.

  • You need to download the Epson Connect setup utility and then run it
  • There is the option to Continue. Click it
  • You should now see the Software License Agreement. Simply choose Continue, and then followed by Agree

Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

  • There would be a notification screen stating that the installation requires around 10 GB of space. Go with the option Install, and then Close

Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

  • Choose the printer’s type and then Next. If you can’t see any window that appears automatically on the screen, open a Finder window. From there, choose Application, and then Epson Software. You should find the option for Epson Connect Printer Setup. When you do, perform a double click.

Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

  • Choose Printer Registration. Afterwards, choose Next
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Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

  • You should now be able to see a message to register the printer to Epson Connect. You proceed by clicking OK

Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

  • You are supposed to scroll down. To accept terms and conditions, you are supposed to tick the box. And then Next
  • Then you can do one of these things: Fill out a form to Create an Epson (Connect) Account if you make a new account. Then finalize it by clicking Finish. But if you already have an account and you want to register a new device, choose the option ‘I Already Have an Account’. You will be required to fill a form to Add a New Printer, and then Add
  • Choose Close
  • The process completes! Your Epson Connect is now ready with your Mac

This type of printer also supports other features, such as Remote Print and also Activate Scan to Cloud. If you want to enable the features, you can go to Epson official site to find the instructions.

The steps should be as easy as the Epson Connect Printer setup Mac steps.

Possible Connection Issues

There is always a possibility of connection errors, meaning that the printer is somewhat disconnected or not connecting to your Mac device. Here are some of the possible answers and solutions.

  • Check the printing mode. It’s quite common that users forget whether they have turned on their printer or not.
  • It’s the simplest answer, really. So, check the mode first; has it been on or off. In case it is on and yet the printer still doesn’t start, then it’s likely that there is wireless range issue, cable connection, toner capability, and others
  • Check the connection. It’s also possible that the connection is problematic. If your printer has a wired connection, you should check the USB cable. Is it connected properly? Is it even working? Is the cable is in a good shape? If the printer has a wireless connection, check whether the printer is within the wireless range.
  • You should go to Epson official website to understand more about the wireless connection and the possible issue
  • Check the drivers. If the printer’s drivers are outdated, no wonder if it doesn’t work
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As you can see, managing the setup isn’t difficult at all. Just make sure that you understand the overall Epson Connect Printer setup Mac process to ensure successful management.

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