Epson Cloud Setup: The Technology that Helps You

Managing your own Epson Cloud setup isn’t as hard as you believe. You may not have any technical background or skills, but if you follow the provided step-by-step guidance, you should be fine.

After all, Epson Cloud can make your printing job easier. Thanks to the technology, you should be able to enjoy seamless and more convenient operation and running with your printer.

Understanding Epson Cloud Functionality

Do you have a Google account? If yes, then you should be able to print with your Epson printer through your Android or Apple devices.

This feature also enables you to print from Google Chrome browser and Chromebooks without you having to use cables or even drivers.

Moreover, you can also perform scans (provided that the printer also supports scanning feature) and then send the files to your cloud.

You only need to set the printer up for the network print, and then follow the given instructions to ensure successful Epson Cloud setup

How to Manage the Setup

  • Check whether your computer and your printer have been connected to the SAME network before starting the setup
  • You can print the (status) sheet of the network
  • Find the printer’s IP address from that sheet
  • Feed the address to the web browser’s address bar
  • Opt for Google Cloud printing service. If you don’t see this option, turn off the printer for a while and then turn it back on again. If you still don’t see it, choose Firmware Update. It means that you need to update the printer.
  • There would be instructions on the screen; just follow what’s written there
  • Choose Register
  • Tick the Usage Advisory’s check box and then Next
  • Choose OK and you should see a sign in page. There would be a separate (browser) window that opens up
  • Fill in the username and password before clicking Sign in. If you haven’t had any account, you need to sign up first. Therefore, choose the option Sign up for new Account. There would be instructions displayed on the screen. Follow them
  • You need to choose Finish Printer Registration to finalize the process. You can now print a (test) page. Voila!
  • Your printer has been connected to Google Account, in which you can access it from any Android or Apple devices, as well as from computer or Chromebook – as long as you have the internet connection.
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Activating the Cloud Feature

After you have managed successful Epson Cloud setup, now it’s time to activate it. Be advised that you need to set the Epson Connect first before enabling the cloud technology.

The cloud feature can only work and operate when you have set and activated Epson Connect first. Check the official website if you want to know the steps for proper setting up.

  • After you have set the Epson Connect, log to your account. Choose your printer in the Email List or My Printer section
  • From there, expand the section Scan to Cloud and pick the Destination List. When a window opens, choose Add
  • Choose the destination and then Next
  • There would be instructions on the screen which you should follow to finalize the stages
  • You are done! Now, you can try this cloud feature. You would be amazed by the results!
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Epson Connect Arrangements

In the event that you need to know how to set Epson Connect up, here are the steps:

  • Download the setup utility for Epson Connect. You can find one from the official site
  • On the page License Agreement, you need to agree first and then Next
  • Go with Install and Finish
  • Pick the printer’s type and then Next
  • Choose Printer Registration and also Next
  • Choose Agree. Then Next
  • When there is a message to register the Epson Connect, choose OK
  • From here, you need to choose one between two options: create a new account or use the existing account. If it is the previous method, then fill out the form to Create an Account and then Finish. If it is the latter (you already have an account and yet you want to add a new device), then fill out the form for already having an account, and then the form to Add New Printer, and then Add
  • Choose Close
  • From there, you will be directed to view their instructions to activate the features. Just follow them.
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Hopefully, you should be able to manage all the setups and all the installation properly, including the Epson Cloud setup.

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