DEMI LOVATO UFO SIGHTING • In The News • What Exactly Happened?

93.2 Million Followers, and her last post is Mind Bending for so many of her fans, because it has to do with her Experience with UFOs during a trip with loved ones to Joshua Tree, California, to do Night-Sky watches with Dr. Steven Greer and his Contact Team. She posted UFO video footage, and stills, and a long passionate text about her experience and where she is investing her mind for the future.

If you're like me, you'll often lament the lack of serious attention the UFO topic gets in the media, celebrities, and from the new generations of young adults.

Imagine if even a small percentage of those followers, her young fans, get interested in this phenomenon..!! LET'S HOPE this keeps gaining momentum, that others among her peers get interested and have experiences also.