Why is the Universe Expanding? – A Simple 2021 Explanation of Dark Energy

A Simple 2021 Explanation of Why the Universe is Expanding? (Dark Energy)

What is Dark Energy?

In this simple idea and theory for how and why the universe is expanding, let us think of the visible universe in a similar form to a cloud here on earth. Much like a cloud, I propose that a universe can expand and contract. It can fizzle out or it can diversify into multiple universes.

Clouds expanding like a universe could in space.

What causes a universe to expand and contract?

As new stars develop and exist in a universe, they could inflate and ripple the dark matter in space. The new star formation process and along with the stars existence could create waves of dark energy that ripple out through the universe. As there is no resistance in the vacuum of space, the waves would travel all the way to the edge of a universe and cause its expansion. The waves could also bounce off opposing waves, thus sending a greater amount of dark energy into the direction of the star that projected the smaller in size dark energy waves. Pushing it further away from the star that projected the larger dark energy waves. This could explain why all the *galaxies within a universe are moving away from each other.

Dark energy waves rippling out from stars.

It is also possible that as a stars life comes to an end, a vacuum within the space could be created in the form of a black hole, which could have a reverse effect and draw in the dark energy waves, causing the contraction of a universe.

Black holes and dark energy waves rippling animation

With this idea and theory, a universe with more new star formation would expand, while a universe with more star demise would contract. This idea would also support the multiverse theory which speculates many smaller universes, all existing simultaneously within the greater cosmos. It also puts into question the concept of the big bang theory. I personally don’t believe the big bang to be true in the sense that there was nothing before it. The big bang could have simply been a star supernova or a galactic supernova. An idea based on a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy exploding and blasting out the ingredients for the formation of a new universe. I conclude that the words and ideas of Albert Einstein have become like gospel to scientists. If we currently only understand 4% of how the universe works, then there is a 96% chance Einstein was wrong about the big bang. Ultimately it leaves one to wonder, where does the universe end or how can it be infinite?

Dark Energy Visualisation Video:

Watch the HD video on YouTube here Dark Energy

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