CRM Software Selection Guide: 11 Things You Must Evaluate Before Buying

CRM Software Selection Guide Image
Source: FieldCircle- Gudie to Select Right CRM software

CRM is one of the largest software markets since 2017.

There are hundreds of CRM solutions available in the market that come with a multitude of features, functions, and reporting capabilities.

Amidst the chaos of tall claims, selecting a sales CRM software without losing focus on the business problems you want to solve with the tool is a #challenge.

I would recommend you to set your business goals and then evaluate CRM solutions on these 11 parameters to find the best CRM software that empowers your front-line sales professionals to win more business for the company.

Here are the 11 parameters:

  1. Business Requirements
  2. Transparency
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Integrations
  5. The Offline Problem?
  6. Team Productivity
  7. Onboarding, Hand-Holding, and Data Migration
  8. Document Management
  9. Reporting
  10. Features
  11. Oh and the Pricing

Click here to read about all the parameters in detail and hope this post helps you in your screening process.