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Come on! Come On! Come On!:


"Life moves pretty fast. One minute you're passing the joint while slamming down Cheez Balls, the next you're being chased by the Two-Minute Axe Killer. And you've seen enough horror movies to know the car never starts on the first try. And damn, why is your friend's ride the last fossil with a carburetor? Where the hell did she leave the keys!? Oh, God, was that a stick snapping behind you?!?!

"Come on! Come on!! COME ON!!!"

Come On! Come On! Come On! is a short narrative simulator in the vein of classic slasher films playable in two minute bursts. Find the keys, start the car, and try not to die.

-12 unique endings to find

-Instructions are included on the title screen

-The game auto-saves after every ending. You can load your progress (saved endings) by clicking on my name in the title screen

-The "endings" menu contains hints on achieving all the endings. Don't read them if you don't want spoilers

-The game is finished and needs no more updates, content wise."

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