Brother TN630 WiFi Setup & Driver Update

Brother TN630 WiFi Setup – Brother is one of the remarkable printer brands in the world. It has been introducing many printing models in the market but the one with TN630 model is considered the best choice manufactured by Brother.

Now if you have just bought it but don’t know how to process the setup, worry no more! Here we offer you the quick guide of Brother TN630 WiFi Setup so that you can print any documents wirelessly.

Wireless printer connectivity enables the machine to print any documents wirelessly without using any physical connection between the computer and the printer.

Though making connection needs only a few minutes and once you finish the setup, you can start making the print jobs and printing the documents anytime you want.

In this post, we are going to share the complete steps to setup Brother TN630 to a WiFi without any problem anymore.

So, read on the following review and take the simple steps to complete the setup process.

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Guidelines to Connect Your Brother TN630 to WiFi

Before you start the complete guide of Brother TN630 WiFi Setup, there are two main things you need to seriously take a note of.

Those are the Network Name and the Network Key. The Network Name is the name of your wireless router/access point and the Network Key is the password.

These are the important details that you need to know before starting the WiFi setup for your Brother printer.

The Steps To Follow:

Once you have known the Network Name and the Network Key, the next thing to directly do is to follow the steps below:

1. Connect your Brother printer using the power cord and connect it to the power outlet.

2. Make sure you turn on your Brother printer.

3. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow key to select the Network choices and press OK button.

4. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow key again and find the WLAN option. Afterwards, press OK button.

5. Select “Up” and “Down” arrow key and select an option of “Setup Wizard” and press OK button.

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6. If you are receiving a message “WLAN Enabled?” on your screen, press “OK” button and enable your WiFi network. This way, the wireless network wizard will start.

7. In the seventh step, your Brother machine will start searching for the network and show you the option of Network names on your screen.

When you look at the SSID displayed on your screen, use the “Up” and “Down” arrow key and select the SSID option.

8. Select one of the options below:

  • If you want to use Authentication and Encryption technique that requires the password or Network Key, enter it in the available fields and press the button “OK”. Select “Yes” option in order to confirm the settings.
  • If the Authentication technique is “Open System” and you haven’t selected the Encryption Mode yet, continue the next step.
  • Your Brother machine will try to get connected with the WiFi network.

Install The Brother Printer Software and Drivers

If you your Brother machine has successfully connected to the WiFi network, the next thing to do is generally installing the printer software and drivers. The steps are described as follows:

  • Visit the Brother printer official website.
  • Enter the printer model.
  • Continue following the instructions given on-screen to complete the software installation on your Brother machine.
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The guidelines of Brother TN630 WiFi Setup that we have already shared is expected to help you complete the WiFi setup for your printer device.

Truly, all the mentioned guideless are very easy and simple to follow. Just make sure that you carefully apply all the steps mentioned in the guidelines.

Don’t miss even a single step so that you can successfully connect your Brother printer to the WiFi network. Accordingly, you will be able to handle your tasks soon.

However, if you still face any trouble or difficulty in the process of setting up your printer device, we highly recommend that you contact the experts and ask for the professional advice to complete the setup.

This way, the expert will help you find the trouble and finish the setup easily and quickly.

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