How To Fix Brother Sewing Machine Error E1 In Detail

Brother Sewing Machine Error E1 – When it comes to repair a machine, one thing you should do is to recognize what causes the machine stop its function? Is there any part of it requires a service? Will you call a technician?

This article will help you find out what’s going on when Brother sewing machine error E1 message appears on the LCD. What does it mean and what do you do to fix it?

Mostly, when it comes to deal with the way of fixing the error machine, the first thing to do is to recognize the possible causes. Accordingly, the right solution can be taken into the steps to fix the error.

Check out the details at the following review sections to get more information dealing with such error message:

Possible Causes

There are some possible causes why Error E1 message is displayed on your Brother sewing machine LCD. This way, the foot controller was pressed.

Or, the button “Start” or “Stop” was pressed when the foot controller is not connected. Other possible cause is the reserve / reinforcement stitch button which is pressed while the presser foot is raised.

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Due to these possible causes, it is recommended that you carefully check the machine prior to taking actions or calling a technician.

Steps to Fix Brother Sewing Machine Error E1

There are some steps dealing with how to fix the Brother sewing machine error E1 message. Check them all out below and follow the instructions:

Step 1

1. Lower the presser foot lever before you go on operating the machine. If you press an incorrect key or you perform the operation incorrectly, you will hear a beep.

2. Be noticed, you will also hear a beep when you perform the operation properly.

3. If you are operating the machine in a wrong way, you will hear two beeps.

4. When you hear the machine beeps for 4 seconds, it indicates that the machine is locked up because of the tangled thread, making the machine stop automatically.

Step 2

Check the error above before you continue sewing.

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Step 3

If the error message keeps appearing on your machine’s LCD, turn off the machine and turn it back on afterwards.

Step 4

If the thread keep getting jammed in underneath the foot part, so you should take the following actions:

1. Identify parts of your sewing machine by taking out the bobbin using its thread. The area must be surrounded by a bobbin carrier that keeps the bobbin in place and insures that the thread is fed smoothly, making the bobbin and its carrier motionless when you turn the machine’s hand-wheel.

2. Clean the whole area carefully using a soft paintbrush or soft dry cloth. Never use canned or compressed air.

Remove all the dust and thread fragments out.

3. Reassemble and make a test to your machine.

Step 5

1. When you cannot use the link to diagnose the issue, it is likely that you need to replace with a new needle. So start rethreading the upper thread.

Before you thread the needle, drop the presser foot and pull on the thread. In this case, you will usually feel some resistance from the upper tension.

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2. Thread the needle.

3. Remove the case of bobbin and check it whether there is any damage or roughs. Usually, people thread this Brother sewing machine improperly because they miss to take up lever all the time.

This cause the thread loops to warp around the bobbin case and force it into the needle path.

4. Clean the area from any debris. Carefully see at the hook when the hand-wheel is rotated.

5. Reinstall the bobbin case, make sure that you properly do it. Check the tension of the bobbin case. This way, you must feel a tiny bit of resistance.

If you are still receiving the Brother sewing machine error E1, you may need to call the Contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877 Brother (1-877-276-8437) from Monday to Friday.

These service excludes the holidays. So you have to know when to call in order that you could get the fast response.

Avoid contacting the Customer Service when it is not ready.

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