How to Fix Brother Printer Replace Toner Error

So you have just finished replacing toner in your printer yet you still receive a message of Brother printer replace toner error.

What would you like to do to fix it? There seems two possible ways you can try. Those are resetting the replace toner error and do verification.

Reset The Replace Toner Error

It is very challenging to reset the replace toner error if you have a printer with no visible key pad. In this regards, there are 8 steps to follow in order to resolve the problem.

Yes, follow these simple steps without missing any single instruction:

1. Press the Home Key option.

2. Select “FAX” on the display to make the keypad visible.

3. Mark # key using Post it note and arrow. This is aimed to help you position the # button during the next step when you cannot see the key pad anymore.

4. Press the Home Key option.

5. Later, please open the toner door.

6. Select # button and hold down for 5-8 seconds until you see the reset menu appears on your printer’s display.

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7. Choose one option that tells your toner capacity. On the display, you will be viewed:

  • TNR-STR – Starter toner cartridge.
  • TNR-STD – Standard capacity toner cartridge (tn-820)
  • TNR-HC – High capacity toner cartridge (tn-850)
  • TNR-S.HC – Super high capacity toner cartridge (tn-880)

8. Select one of the options above and later, press “Yes” to reset.

If you would like to choose the other option on the printer like darkening your pages, choose “Settings” icon on the display and press “Density”.

Select the square on the right to choose the darkest pages. This way, you can also increase the print contract by performing the same steps.

Do Verification

If Brother printer replace toner error continues appearing on the LCD though you have already finished the new toner cartridge installation, you can follow the instructions of doing verification below:

1. Verify that you replace the other toner cartridge instead of the drum unit. This is because Brother machines have the same consumables as the other drum unit and toner cartridge.

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2. Verify that you are using a new toner cartridge of Brother. This means that you didn’t install a brand new genuine Brother toner cartridge when you replace it with the new one.

This is aimed to reset the toner status. However, you made a mistake by not doing it. Thus, do the verification and follow the rules given.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you install the genuine brand new toner cartridge of your Brother every time you replace the toner cartridge.

3. Verify that you use a GENUINE Brother toner cartridge to get an optimum performance. The genuine toner cartridge is basically formulated to ensure the best print quality.

Meanwhile, if you print using the non-genuine toner cartridge, the print and the performance quality will not as good as you may expect. Further, the machine lifespan will not last longer.

The drum unit and the other parts of the printer will also get damaged if you use other products. One more, any repair will not be covered by the Brother limited warranty.

Thus, it would be best if you use the genuine Brother toner cartridge.

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4. Verify that you correctly install the toner cartridge. This way, you must check whether the error message Replace Toner or Toner Life End for the similar color toner still appears though you have just done the installation.

If yes, you might perform an incorrect installation. As a solution, reinstall the toner cartridge by following the instruction given.

If the error message change and ask for a different color, it seems that you need to replace the color toner cartridge.

Later, confirm that you have installed both the drum unit and the toner cartridge in your Brother.

5. Clean the corona wire. It is always possible that the corona wire becomes dirty. So you need to clean it since the problem might be caused by the dirty wire.

However, if the Brother printer replace toner error continues to appear, it would be better to contact the Brother Customer Service for getting help.

Usually, the Customer Service is available in 24 hours. So don’t hesitate to make a call or send an email.

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