Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed is one of the issues reported by dozens of users.

It also commonly occurs that the message of “Paper Jam” is still appearing while you have removed the jammed paper.

In general, the recommended solution is to open the scanner cover. If you still receive the same message again, it is quite possible that a small piece of paper may be stuck insider the printer machine.

So follow the steps below to remove any jammed paper remaining inside the machine.

Move The Print Head and Remove The Jammed Paper

There are several thing to do remove jammed paper that might be stuck inside the printer machine. First, lift to open the scanner cover into an open position.

This way, you can do it by placing your both hands under the plastic tabs on the machine’s both sides. Second, check the print head’s position.

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If you find the print head in the right corner, cancel or stop until the print head changes its position to the center.

However, if the print head is in the left side of in the center, unplug the Brother printer from your AC power outlet.

Third, move the print head gently with your finger to remove any remaining paper. If the piece of paper is too small, use tweezers to remove it.

Next, open the scanner cover to release the lock and push the scanner cover carefully. Close the scanner cover with your both hands.

Fifth, plug the power cord again to the AC power outlet.

Remove The Paper Jammed Inside The Brother Machine

Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed might be caused by the small piece of paper that remains inside the machine. Thus, follow these simple rules below:

First, unplug the Brother printer from your electrical socket. Second, close the paper support if you see it is open.

Then, pull the paper tray out of the machine completely. Third, release the jammed paper by pulling the two green levers inside the printer machine.

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Forth, open the scanner cover and make sure there is no jammed paper left in the corners of the printer.

If you cannot remove the jammed paper, use a glossy paper and insert it into the machine through the front opening.

Let the glossy paper to push out the jammed paper. Remove the paper through the opening. If this doesn’t work well, try to use the thick paper and insert it into the machine through the opening at the back of the machine.

Once you can remove the jammed paper, make sure you close the scanning cover correctly.

Remove The Paper Jam From Outside

Removing the paper jam from outside can be carried out by simply restarting your Brother printer. In this case, turn off the printer and let it aside for a few minutes.

Then, turn on the printer back to check if the error has been solved.

Remove The Paper Jam from Toner Cartridge

The paper can sometime get stuck on the toner cartridge causing Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed.

In this method, you need to clear the toner cartridge from any possible jammed paper.

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Start by accessing the top cover when the printer is not in use or heating. Look whether there is any piece of paper jammed.

If you find it, remove it. So the last step is to close the cover and take out a test print job.

Verify The Paper Installation in the Paper Tray

Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed can also be because of the incorrect installation of paper in the paper tray.

This way, installing paper in the paper tray must be of the same weight and size.

So fix the error by removing the tray from the machine and open the tray cover. Remove any paper left in the tray.

Adjust the paper to a maximum width based on the “Paper Side Guides” and make sure the “Paper Length Guide” lines up with the paper size.

Then, avoid the paper jam by properly stacking the paper and make sure that the printing side is located on the downside.

Later, shut the paper tray cover and insert it properly in the printer machine. Take out a print job to test.

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