How to Fix Brother Printer No Paper Error (4 Solutions)

“Brother printer no paper error” is one of the printer problems that everyone can easily fix. As usually, any error dealing with the printer can be resolved based on the specific causes. In this article, we would like to guide you on how to fix it.

Since the solution must relate to what causing the problem, here we present the sections of the causes of Brother printer’s cases and the steps to fix them.

So don’t think twice to waste your time without having a quick read on the following review. Make sure you follow the instruction without missing a single one.

How To Fix When There Is No Paper In The Paper Tray

The very basic reason why your Brother printer display the “No Paper” error is the empty paper tray.

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Yes, there is no paper available in the paper tray. To fix this, you can simply load the paper tray.

Then, reset it by unplugging the device and plugging it back in after a few seconds.

Make a print job to see if the device works back to normal.

How To Fix When The Paper Is Not Properly Loaded In The Paper Tray

If your Brother printer doesn’t detect the paper, it is quite possible that the paper is not properly loaded in the paper tray.

This is just one of the most common error occur in Brother printer. The solution over this error is simply loading the paper correctly in the paper tray.

Read out the steps below:

1. Open the first paper support flap.

2. Close the second paper support.

3. Remove the paper tray from the printer device.

4. Raise the locking tab to open the printer cover.

5. Press and slide both of the paper glide to fit the paper size you are going to load.

6. Load the papers. Make sure they are not wrinkled, curled or folded.

7. Avoid overfilling the paper tray. Error will occur when you load the paper fully in the paper tray.

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8. Slide the papers from the top edge into the paper tray.

9. Move the paper glides and make sure that they touch the paper edges.

10. Put of the paper cover down the paper tray.

11. Put firmly the paper tray into the printer completely.

12. Put out the first paper support flap. Once it clicks, stop it.

13. Open the second paper support.

14. Make a print job to see if your Brother printer works well again.

How To Fix When The Tray Setting Is Incorrect

“Brother printer no paper error” could occur due to the incorrect tray setting. The solution to this error is loading the tray which is selected in the tray setting along with paper.

Or, the simple solution is selecting the tray loaded with the paper.

Here are the steps to change Brother Printer “Tray Setting”

There are only four steps to change your Brother printer tray setting. First, press up or down the printer’s key until the “General Setup” displayed.

Press OK. Second, press up or down key once more until the “Tray Setting” is displayed and press OK.

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Third, tap Up and Down key until you are viewed the desired tray and press OK. Forth, conduct a test.

If the Brother printer is able to print out a document and see if the printer’s problem has been fixed.

How To Fix When “Auto Detect” Is Not Selected in Printer Driver

“Brother printer no paper error” might be because the “Auto Detect” option is not selected in the printer driver.

In the other words, the printer may not detect the paper in its paper tray.

This is because you may not select “Auto Detect” option in the printer driver.

To choose the “Auto detect” option, here are the steps to follow:

1. Head to open “Control Panel” and choose “Devices and Printers”.

2. Right click the printer driver and choose “Printing Preferences.”

3. Go to “Device Settings” tab. Open it.

4. Once you see “Auto Detect”, click on it. Later, opt “Apply” and “OK” to save your settings.

5. Tray a test of print job to see if your Brother printer works properly after being fixed.

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