Brother Printer Error Light with 4 Steps Solution

Brother Printer Error Light – Brother printers are designed and redesigned with the more printing experience in line with the technology that grows constantly.

All the purposes are to meet your needs. However, there are times when such printers do not perform as the users wish. One of the examples is the Brother Printer error light.

The errors can be some internal and external issues or even the outdated of soma part of your printers. Well, an insight on such issues solving techniques is all the key.

Thus, we come with this article to provide you with the best solutions to fix the errors.

Note, the solutions given are based on the specific cases that your Brother printer may have.

1st Solution

Are the Drum LED and error red LED light on while the Toner LED and the Ready LED lights are off?

If so, it means there is an issue with the drum functions in your printer. So what will you do? Follow these simple steps:

  • Replace the drum.
  • Contact the team or experts for accurate instruction of drum replacement.
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2nd Solution

When your Brother printer shows a red LED flash error and the other Drum LED, Toner LED and Ready LED are not viewed, there could be some factors at which the solutions are along with.

  • If the front cover is open, you must close it to solve the problem.
  • If the fuser cover behind the back cover left open, find it and shut it properly to fix the error.
  • Paper jam can also cause an error light. So clear off any jammed paper in the paper tray to fix the error light.
  • Tap on “Go” button on your Brother printer to continue printing.
  • If the paper size mismatches the print command setting and the actual paper size, you need only to reset the right paper size fitting the paper measurements. Or, choose the right sized paper that fits to your print command details.

3rd Solution

The third solution of your Brother Printer error light is dealing with the wrong way of feeding the paper into the machine, causing the red LED on while Drum LED, Toner LED and Ready LED off.

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So follow these simple steps to fix the issue:

  • Supply paper in the input paper tray.
  • Supply paper in the feed slot which is manual.

4th Solution

There are two possible causes why Brother printer error light occurs. Those are because the printer is in its sleep mode and deep sleep mode. Here is how to fix them.

  • When the printer is in Sleep Mode, the Ready LED is dimmed but the machine can still accept the printing request. It will automatically perform printing when the machine wakes up. Finally the machine will be able to print normally.
  • When the machine is in Deep Sleep Mode, it decreasing more power consumption than the Sleep Mode. In this case, the Ready LED is dimmed while the machine can still save the print jobs you request. Thus, when the printer accepts any print jobs, it will automatically wake up and the machine will start working to print.
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Other Causes of Brother Printer Error Light

There are some other causes of Brother Printer error light stated by most of Brother’s users. Truly, they deals with the various underlying functions of the printer.

The errors that make the light uncommon are:

  • The toner cartridge which is exhausted.
  • The improper installation you do on the drum unit assembly.
  • The toner cartridge which is installed incorrectly.
  • There is no paper in the paper feed slot.
  • Paper jams.
  • Incorrect size of paper that leads to a printing error especially the error light.
  • The corona wire of the drum unit that is too dirty and needing a cleaning.

Well, avoiding the factors of causing the Brother printer error is necessarily needed. This is aimed that you can minimize the possibility of error occurrence.

Besides, by minimizing the errors, you don’t have to fix the device many times or even call a technicians to fix it.

Just recognize the errors and find the solutions that fit your Brother errors.

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