How to Fix Brother Printer Drum Error

Though you might have installed a new drum, there might still a Brother printer drum error message appearing on LCD.

The question is whether you are able to use the new drum while the error message re-appeared after you printed some sheets or you could not even print at all since the error didn’t clear.

In this regards, there are two possibilities. First, you don’t use the new drum because the error message does appear on the LCD requiring you to reset it properly.

Brother Printer Drum Error

The instructions are added with the new drum unit in order to reset the drum life. This way, if you do not complete the instruction correctly, drum error does occur.

The second possibility is that you have used the new drum but the error keeps appearing on the LCD.

Now let’s have a look at the following methods to fix the Brother printer drum error in the sections below:

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Reset The Drum

There are some steps you need to perform dealing with the way of fixing the drum error on your Brother printer as follows:

1. First of all, please open the front cover.

2. While the front cover is in opening position, tap on “Clear/Back”. Then, you will be viewed with the displayed message “Replace Drum? 1. Yes 2. No”.

3. Click 1 for Yes option. Accordingly, your Brother printer will briefly show the message “Accepted” and “Cover Is Open, Close the Front Cover.”

4. Once you get the message “Cover Is Open, Close the Front Cover” appears, follow the instruction to close the front cover.

If the Drum Error re-appears, repeat the second step to ensure that you perform the correct instruction. This way, make sure you get the message “Accepted” after you choose 1 for Yes answer.

If the error keeps appearing while you have already repeat the step, go to the next step below.

Clean The Corona Wire Inside The Drum Unit

The second method to fox your Brother printer drum error is cleaning the corona wire which is inside the drum unit.

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In this methods, you need to perform 4 steps as follows:

1. Please open the front cover and remove both the drum and the toner assembly. Make sure you position the drum and the toner assembly on a piece of paper because of the scattered or spilled toner.

2. Slide the green tab smoothly from one side to another side 5 to 6 times.

3. Get the green tab back on its home position properly.

4. Make sure that the green tab breaks into the home position. The pages will be printed in a vertical band down the page.

Clean The Pieces Of Metal

When you see both the drum and toner cartridge, on the left side of the drum, there are three pieces of metal looking like staples and metal rod sticking out of the side.

Clean each of the metal pieces using a soft dry lint-free cloth.

Reinstall The Drum and Toner Assembly

Does Brother printer drum error still appear? Try to fix it by reinstalling the both the drum and the toner assembly into the printer machine.

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Accordingly, the message will no longer be displayed.

Use Only Genuine Brother Drum Units

It is highly recommended by Brother that the customers use only the genuine Brother Drum units.

Basically, each Brother drum unit is designed to perform at pre-set temperatures matching definitely to each individual toner formulations.

In this regards, using non-Brother supplies will probably affect the hardware performance, machine reliability and print quality.

Replace The Drum Unit with The New One

If the Drum Error still appears on your Brother printer, you may need to replace the drum unit with the new DR360.

No worry! It is easy to find and purchase the Drum since it is a consumable item which needs replacement periodically.

Your Bother Drum Needs A Service

When any of the tips above does not work properly, it is quite possible that your Brother printer needs a service.

Due to the fact that your machine is featuring one-year limited warranty, you don’t have to worry about calling the customer support to consult the error or for additional warranty options.

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