How to Fix Brother Printer Door Open Error

Brother printer door open error is one the error messages displayed on the LCD, causing the machine stop printing.

Generally, it indicates that the printer top cover and the fuser cover or even the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) cover are not closed completely.

There are probably some cases and you are experiencing one of them. So find the solution for your case to fix the error displayed on your Brother machine LCD. Here are the solutions you can try to check:

Case 1 and Solution

The first case shows that the machine’s cover is open, meaning that it is not completely closed. The solution you must take is simply opening and firmly closing the top cover of the printer machine.

Case 2 and Solution

The second case display an error message stating that the cover is open while the Fuser Cover behind the Back Cover is close.

So what solutions you can take to make the error message disappear? Well, make sure that the Fuser Cover completely closed. The Fuser Cover is positioned inside the back cover of the Brother machine.

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This case might also be caused by the paper jam in the back of the machine. This way, open the Fuser Cover in the back and find any piece of paper jammed there. Remove it and close the Fuser Cover. Press “Black (Mono) Start” or “Color (Colour) Start”.

Case 3 and Solution

The third case dealing with the Brother printer door open error shows that Cover is open while the ADF cover is close.

This error means that the ADF cover is not completely closed. The solution is simply close the ADF cover of your Brother machine. If you are prompted, press “Cancel”.

Case 4 and Solution

The 4th case states that the error message keeps appearing on your display shows “Cover is Open” though the scanner cover has already been closed.

So if you still receive such error message, the main causes can be due to the scanner cover support and scanner cover damper may not be correctly mounted.

Actually, the scanner cover support is the bar supporting the scanner cover when it is lifted into an open position.

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The scanner cover damper is positioned inside the left side of the scanner cover. To fix the issue, follow the instruction below:

1. Remove the scanner cover support as well as the scanner cover damper from the Brother printer. If both the scanner cover support and the scanner cover damper are already come off, go to step 2.

To carry out this step, you need to take 1.5 minutes for the running time and 5-10 minutes for the operating time.

2. Mount both the scanner cover support and the scanner cover damper to the machine. This mounting process will take 3.5 minutes for the running time and 5-10 for operating time.

Case 5

The last but not least case of Brother printer door open error is the situation that the printer shows a message “Back Cover Open” while the back cover has been securely closed.

Simply follow these simple steps to fix it is to remove and reseat it once again securely in place and close any snap on holder.

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For example, you might not close the cartridge door so that you must close it well to allow for resuming printing.

Make sure that the door snaps along with the top door in the edge of the document scanner are closed. If you receive the error message “Cover is Open” again, close the ink cover so the error message will clear.

Then, press and hold down the power key to turn off the machine. Make sure the door securely rests against the printer’s body.

Sadly, if the problem still occurs, try to uninstall and reinstall the printer software with the latest 81 Drivers you can get from the Manufacturer’s website.

If this final solution doesn’t help much to fix the issue, you may contact the Printer Manufacturer for assistance. This way, the Customer Service is usually available for 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

It is not recommended that you contact them on holidays. So pay attention to when you can contact the Customer Service to get solutions.

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