Brother MFC-7840W Wireless Setup & Manual

Brother is one of the most popular brands particularly in producing printer machine. MFC-7840 is one of the printers designed with multi-function.

It has four capabilities that include copy, print, scan and fax functions. Brother printer is highly considered as the most efficient device to help everyone complete either the regular tasks or the big duty even in a short time.

Thus, be ready with your Brother MFC-7840W wireless setup in order that you could optimally make use of it. Check out our review about how to process the setup below.

Before Starting the Brother MFC-7840W Wireless Setup

Before you start how to setup your Brother MFC-7840W wirelessly, there are several things to do to ensure the successful setup in a later time.

In this regards, the main things to do is taking down a note of your network name and the network security key. The network name is commonly known as SSID and the network security key is known as the password.

These two things are mainly dealing with the way you start the wireless setup of your Brother printer.

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Remember, the SSID as well as the password are usually written down on the bottom part of your router or access point. Have you ever changed the name and the password? If you have, then don’t forget to note them down.

Start the Brother MFC-7840W Wireless Setup

Once you make sure that you have already known your network name and network security key, the next thing to do is to start the Brother MFC-7840W wireless setup. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Locate your Brother printer next to your computer. Avoid placing too many gadgets between the router and the printer since it can affect the signal, making the printer works slower than it should be.
  2. Connect the power cable to the printer and the other end to the electrical socket. Press the power button to turn on the printer.
  3. Optionally, scroll down by pressing up and down arrow keys that you can find in the printer’s control panel. Then, select “Network” or “LAN” and followed by pressing “OK”.
  4. Select “WLAN” and press “OK”.
  5. Later, you will be directed to opt “Setup Wizard” option. Select the option and press “OK”.
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In a few seconds, there will be a message “Network I/F switched to wireless” sent to you. Once you get this message, enable the wireless network. This is aimed to prompt how to start the Setup Wizard.

In this process, the Brother printer will look for the network available around. Then, there will be a list of networks along with SSIDs displayed.

  1. Among the options in the list, select your SSID or your wireless network. This way, make sure that you choose the correct network name and its security key. This is the vital step in processing the printer’s setup completion.
  2. Proceed the setup process by using “up” and “down” to scroll down the option and choose “infrastructure” and press OK.
  3. If the wireless network configuration is done for encryption and authentication, look at how to make the proper setting to finish your Brother printer’s setup. This way, there are absolutely different methods from one authentication and encryption to another.
  4. If there is no authentication and encryption, follow the simple instruction below:
  • Select the “Open system” choice and press Ok. When you are required for Encryption Type, select “None” and press “OK”. If you are done with this, the settings will apply.
  1. If there is no authentication with WEP encryption, head to “Open System” and press OK. For your encryption type, select “WEP” and press OK. Later, you will be required to enter the WEP key that is your network key. So enter the key and hit OK.
  2. Apply the settings by optioning “Yes”. This proses will prompt your Brother printer to search for the wireless network and get connected with it. If it has been connected, the LCD will send you a message “Connected”, meaning that the Brother MFC-7840W wireless setup is complete.
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However, if the Brother printer fails to connect, the LCD will message “Connection Failed” or “Connection Error”. If you experience it, you should check the network verification steps.

Brother MFC-7840W Manual Download

  • Brother MFC-7840W User Guide Download (PDF)
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