Brother HL-L6200DW WiFi Setup & Manual

So you have not processed yet your Brother HL-L6200DW WiFi Setup, then stay now! Like many other type of Brother machine, this one needs also a WiFi setup so you can make use of it for your convenience.

In this regards, there are main guidelines you must follow in order to complete the setup. Read them all comprehensively so you can carry out the WiFi configuration for your Brother machine successfully.

What To Do Before Starting The Brother HL-L6200DW WiFi Setup

There is always something to do before starting something else. Truly, it is called preparation. Yes, before you start the process of setting up your Brother HL-L6200DW, make sure you have found out the wireless network settings of your wireless access point or router. Don’t forget to take a note of the network settings that include;

  • Network Name which is also known as SSID or ESSID.
  • Network Key which is also known as Password or Security Key or Encryption Key.
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These are the basic information that will be required to fill in the way you are doing the WiFi setup on your Brother machine. To find the network name (SSID/ESSID) and the network key (password/security key/encryption key), you may follow the steps below:

  • Look at the base or side of your wireless access point or router carefully.
  • Look at the documentation available along with the wireless router or access point.

If you cannot find both of the information above, you may contact your internet service provider or the manufacturer of the router. Note, Brother usually doesn’t provide this information.

Well, once you get the information above, go to step 2 below to continue setting up your Brother machine wirelessly.

Start The Brother HL-L6200DW WiFi Setup Process

To start with the Brother HL-L6200DW WiFi Setup, here are the 7 steps to follow carefully in order to have a successful task.

  1. Connect the power cord to your Brother machine and connect it to an AC electrical socket. Later, turn on the machine.
  2. Press “Up” and “Down” arrow key to choose the following:
  • Choose “Network” and press OK.
  • Choose “WLAN” and press OK.
  • Choose “Setup Wizard” and press OK.
  1. When you receive a notification “WLAN Enable?” or “Enable WLAN?”, select it to enable the wireless network.
  2. Later, the machine will start searching for your network and show a list of any network available around along with the Network Names (SSIDs). When the list appears on your screen, select your network name using the “Up” and “Down” arrow key.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Do one of the options below:
  • If you use an authentication and encryption method requiring the password or Network Key, enter it and press OK. Select “Yes” to apply for the settings.
  • If the authentication is Open System and the encryption mode is None, just simply go to the next step.
  1. In this step, your Brother machine will try to connect to the wireless network that you have chosen. If your machine is successfully doing the setup, the LCD will display “Connected”. However, if the message is “Connection Failed”, the machine will print a report so that you can check the error code.
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Download and Install Your Brother Machine’s Software

The last thing to do dealing with the Brother HL-L6200DW WiFi Setup is to download and install the software of your machine.

If you use Windows, go to “Download” section of Brother official website and download the “Full Driver & Software Package”. Then, follow the instructions given in the downloaded page.

On the other hand, if you use Macintosh, go to “Download” section of Brother official website and download “Full Software Package”. Next, follow all of the instructions available in the downloaded page.

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If your Brother machine has no option about “Full Driver & Software Package” or “Full Software Package”, it is highly suggested that you reinstall the latest Printer Driver. The installation steps are available on the page you have just downloaded.

If you use Macintosh and there is no Printer Driver available, we recommend you use AirPrint. However, if your Brother machine doesn’t support ArirPrint, you must download “Brother iPrint&Scan” from your App Store.

Brother HL-L6200DW Manual Download

  • Brother HL-L6200DW User Guide Download (PDF)
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