Brother HL-L2360DW Wifi Setup & Manual

Brother printers are one of the to-selling printing machines. They are very popular not only for their innovative design but also for their excellent print quality.

HL-L2360DW is one of Brother’s products designed as a monochrome printer model with affordability and reliability.

It does no matter whether the machine is for your home of office setup, you can always use Brother HL-L2360DW Wifi Setup in order that you can make use of various Wi-F enabled devices and wirelessly print.

Now let’s explore more about the quick instructions of the setup as follows:

Quick Instructions of Brother HL-L2360DW Setup

One thing before you start with Brother HL-L2360DW setup, make sure you write down the wireless network name that is the SSID and the network key that is the Security Key. These two kinds of information details are always required in the setup process.

Now follow the quick steps below to setup your Brother printer.

  1. Connect your Brother printer to the electrical socket and turn it on.
  2. Select the Network option listed in the “Up” or “Down” arrow key and click “OK”.
  3. Choose the WLAN option listed in the “Up” or “Down” arrow key and click “OK”.
  4. With arrow key “Up” or “Down”, select the Setup Wizard and click “OK” to go the machine wireless setup.
  5. Select “Yes” to enable the wireless network. If you are displayed a question “WLAN Enable?” pops on the control panel of the printer.
  6. Now the printer will look for the wireless network and the available SSIDs through the list.
  7. Confidently enter the wireless password and click “OK”.
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Once you complete the quick steps above, don’t hesitate to start downloading Brother Printer driver HL-L2360 DW and installing it on your personal computer by following the instruction given on the screen.

Simple Steps To Connect Brother HL-L2360DW to Computer

A few seconds after completing the Brother HL-L2360DW Wifi Setup, it is recommended that you connect the printer to your computer. So here are the quick instructions to follow:

  1. Download the driver for Brother HL-L2360DW and install it on your computer.
  2. Turn on the wireless feature on your computer.
  3. To connect the printer to your computer, search for your Brother printer name which is usually available in the list of the wireless networks.
  4. Locate your Brother printer name and select the SSID along with the wireless network key.
  5. After successfully installing the machine, fulfill all of the printing requirement wirelessly.
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Easy Rules of Connecting Brother Printer to Wifi

It is considered very easy to connect your Brother HL – L2360DW to Wifi. In this regards, you’ll juts need to follow the rules below:

  1. Turn on your Brother printer.
  2. Make sure it is in the wireless rage of your existing internet connection.
  3. Once your printer detects your wireless SSID, don’t hesitate to click on it as soon as possible.
  4. Enter the password or the wireless network key to connect your Brother printer to Wifi.

How to Setup Brother HL-L2360 DW for Windows

So you want to setup your Brother HL-L2360 DW for Windows OS after finishing the Brother HL-L2360DW Wifi Setup, here are the mentioned steps to follow easily and quickly:

  1. Turn on your Windows computer as well as your Brother printer.
  2. Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough for support.
  3. Click on “Devices and Printers” option available in the Control Panel.
  4. Insert the printer CD into your computer’s optical drive. This CD will be the driver for your printer.
  5. On your initial screen, choose the start up and follow the instructions given. This is enabled for the printer driver installation.
  6. Locate your Brother Printer model just under the “Devices and Printers” option.
  7. Choose your Brother printer and enter the password of wireless network key available in the requested field.
  8. Click on connect.
  9. Try a print test using your Brother printer.
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How To Connect Brother HL-L2360 DW Compact Laser To Mac

No worry on how to connect your Brother HL-L2360 DW to a Mac device since we also provide you with the quick steps to follow. Just check them all out below:

  1. Turn on your Brother Printer to Mac.
  2. Select the connection type either wired or wireless.
  3. Tap on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
  4. Click on the option “Print & Fax”, “Print & Scan” or “Printers & Scanners” icon.
  5. Last, click on Default and check whether you can make a print job using your Brother printer.

Brother HL-L2360DW Manual Download

  • Brother HL-L2360DW User Guide Download (PDF)
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