Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Setup & Manual

Believe it or not, performing Brother HL-2270DW Wireless setup is much easier with automatic wireless mode. Truly, if you have already a WLAN router or access pint that supports WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) or AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS), you can easily and simply connect your Brother machine to your WiFi network.

However, to use WPS or AOSS, make sure your wireless router/access point supports it. As the prior step, confirm that your wireless router/access point has the WPS or AOSS.

Later, you can start the wireless settings configuration like we are going to share as follows:

How to Process The Wireless Settings Configuration

There are some steps to configure the wireless settings. Read them all out carefully below and follow each of them without missing a single step:

  1. Locate your Brother machine near the range if your WPS or AOSS access point or router. This way, the range may be different due to the environment.
  2. Plug in the power cord well without any error.
  3. Turn the Brother machine on and wait for the machine to show its “Ready” status.
  4. Hold down the WPS or AOSS button on your WLAN router/access point for a while.
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The length of hoding down the WPS or AOSS may be different from one machine to another depending on the WLAN router/access point. Note, the information on how to confirm about the WLAN router/access point is available in the instructions available along with your router or access point.

  1. Press the button of wireless setup. The button is usually situated at the back of the machine. Press it for less than 2 seconds.

In this case, you can use a pointy object like a ballpoint to press the button well. Remember, don’t press the button for 3 seconds or more since it can change the machine’s pin method of the WiFi protected setup mode.

Just wait for 5minutes or you can alternatively turn off the Brother printer power and turn it on again. Once you clear this mode, press the button of the wireless setup and repeat from the first step again.

  1. Next, the machine will look for a WLAN router/access point that supports WPS or AOSS. This takes 2 minutes. While you are waiting, the Toner LED will blink.
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The machine is connecting a WLAN router/access point. During this time, the Toner and Drum LEDs will blink altogether.

  1. Wait until you see the “Ready” LED of your Brother machine shows a message “Connected”. This means that your Brother machine is successfully connecting to your WLAN router/access point.

However, if the LEDs are not flashing, it means that the printer fails to connect to your wireless router/access point. In the other words, if the connection failed, there is an error code that will be printed on the WLAN report.

  1. Finally the wireless setup is complete. So you need to continue the next step for the printer driver installation for your network connection.

How to Install Printer Driver For Network

Once you have successfully done the Brother HL-2270DW Wireless setup, continuing the printer driver installation is similarly important. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Turn on your computer and log on using Administrative rights. If you have still some programs running, close them anyway.
  2. Put the CD-ROM installation into your CD-ROM drive.
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If you use Windows and have no CD-ROM, go to “Download” section and download the “Full Driver & Software Package”. Follow the next instructions available in the downloaded page.

If you use Macintosh while you don’t have any CD-ROM, head to “Download” section and download the printer driver. Similarly, the installation steps are available in the downloaded page.

For Windows Users

If you use Windows, the installation screen will view automatically. If it is prompted, choose your model and language. The main menu of CD ROM will show up. So you must click “Install Printer Driver” and press “Yes” to accept the License Agreement.

If you see the “User Account Control” message, click “Allow” or “Yes”.

For Macintosh Users

If you use Macintosh, double-click the option “Start Here OSX” icon. This is aimed to start the installation. Later, follow the instructions that appear on screen to complete the setup.

Brother HL-2270DW Manual Download

  • Brother HL-2270DW User Guide Download (PDF)
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