How to Fix Brother HL-2270DW Error Light

Do you experience Brother HL-2270DW Error Light? Brother is a well-known brand for selling the best and recommended printers.

Everyone who wants to get the best quality printouts, Brother should be the only one to pick. This way, Brother printer is best not only for its performance but also for its great performance service.

However, Brother printer may also have some issues including Error Light. Thus, stay connected with us to learn how fix the issue, making you able to deal by your own.

Now let’s get started to read the review without missing a single steps given.

Check and Reset The Toner Cartridge

Anytime you receive a message of Brother HL-2270DW Error Light, the prior thing to do is to check and reset the Toner cartridge. Just after you replace the toner cartridge, your Brother printer will work properly though it is challenging enough to appropriately.

In this step, you will also viewed by a message of low or empty toner. If you would like to delete the message, simply reset the printer by performing the following instructions:

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1. Turn off Brother printer as the first step.

2. Open the upper front cover.

3. After a few seconds, press and hold the button “Go” and turn off the printer again on mode.

4. Turn off all the LEDs. If you see the light is “On” of the drum, toner and error, the ready LED is off. This is when you need to press the button “Go”.

5. The LED lights will be off immediately.

6. Once all the lights are off, press the “Go” button twice to allow all the LEDs to turn on again.

7. Press the “Go” button 6 times after you preset the cartridge TN420/TN2210 or 7 time for TN450/TN2220. Finally, you will see the error LED is flashing out.

Try To Test the Print

If you would like to conduct a print test, make sure you turn off the device completely. Then, press and hold on the “Go” button.

Afterwards, turn on the device again. In this process, never release the “Go” button before the LEDs are flashing out.

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Once you see the LED lights are going to lighten up, release the “Go” button and turn off the LEds again.

Now you are required to press the “Go” button once again for the last time. This is aimed to carry out the test of print page.

Reset The Printer’s Drum

Brother HL-2270DW Error Light can also be resolved by resetting the printer’s drum. In this case, resetting the drum can be the reason why you must turn off the printer’s drum light.

To start this method, open the front cover of your Brother printer and hold the “Go” button. This is aimed to help you lighten up all the LEDs.

Next, release the button and get the front cover closed. Later, make sure you restart the printer to check if it works properly.

Let The Factory To Reset Brother Printer

Another method to try to resolve the Error Light on your Brother printer is to let the factory to reset it. It is pretty simple to carry out this step.

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All the things you need to perform are to press the “Go” button and turn on the printer.

Once you turn on the printer, hold on the “Go” button to let the LED lights to turn off but not the Ready LED.

This means, keep the Ready LED on. Next, you will see the LEDs will turn off. The final step is restart the printer by pressing the “Go” button 10 times.

Clear Off The Jammed Paper

Paper jam can also be another cause of Brother HL-2270DW Error Light. Thus, it is also recommended that you check whether there is jammed paper or not.

If so, clear it off in the paper input tray. Once you finished clearing off the jammed paper, press the button “Go” on your Brother printer in order to resume the printing.

Don’t forget to set the right paper size to avoid the paper jam. It is because the oversized paper can cause the problem of jammed paper.

Just make sure that you understand well the paper measurements you put in the tray.

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