Brother E6 Error and What To Do To Fix It

For all-in-one Printer machine that comes with multiple functions of scanning, printing, copying and fax, it is just common to experience errors, one of which is Brother e6 error.

To indicate that a Brother machine is in trouble is the inability to work normally. Thus, the machine usually displays an error message.

The error messages is there to show you what to do with the Brother machine’s fault. Thus, you can resolve the issue based on the error messages.

The Characteristics of Brother Error Message

An all-in-one Brother machine with printer, fax, copier and scanner usually display an error message on the LCD screen.

It shows the word “error”, “error code” of “machine error” followed by an instruction what to do with it. For example, “Replace Laser Unit”. Or, it also shows an alphanumerical code.

Brother E6 Error is one of the common Brother error codes that come with a description of what they mean and what to do with them.

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This way, people usually call a technician to fix it. Now this article is going to show you how to fix such problems without even calling a technician and spending money for that.

So let’s have a better understanding over the tips given as follow:

Error E6 – Unable to Print

The error message “Error E6-Unable to Print” or “Massage Error E600” usually indicates a mechanical malfunction of Brother machine.

In the other words, there is a problem with one of the machine functions so that it is unable to print.

Here are the instructions to follow in order to fix the error:

1. Firstly, press power key and hold it down to turn off the machine. Make sure you don’t release the key until the power is absolutely off.

2. Unplug your Brother machine from your socket or electrical outlet.

3. Wait for about 30 seconds to let the machine cool down.

4. Plug your Brother printer back into the socket or electrical outlet.

5. Later, press the power key and hold it down to turn on the machine on again.

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6. See if the LCD displays a message “Ready”, it means the issue is fixed.

7. To check if your Brother is able for performing, make a print job.

However, if the Brother printer shows you a message “Print Unable 1” or “Machine Error 01” while it has still a warranty, you may need to contact the Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your local area.

Alternatively, you can also contact the Custometr Service by calling 1-877-BROTHER (1-877-276-8437) from Monday to Friday.

Error E6 – Malfunction of Fan

Basically, Brother machine is designed with four cooling fans. This way, Error E6 can be possibly caused by a fault detected in one of those fans. What will you do to fix it?

Simply switch the Brother machine off and back on again. Make a print job to test whether it works back to normal.

However, if the error message still appears on your printer LCD, perhaps you need an engineer or technician to determine which fan to replace.

Reset The Printer to Fix the Error

There are 6 steps to reset the printer in order that you can fix the problem. These steps are almost similar with the previous ones we have shared above. However, you still need to try:

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1. First, press the power key and hold it down to turn the machine off.

2. Second, unplug the machine out of the electrical socket.

3. Wait for a few seconds.

4. Plug the machine back into the electrical socket.

5. Press the power key and hold it down to turn on the machine. If the machine displays “Ready”, it means the error is fixed.

Check The Paper Jam

The Brother E6 Error can be caused the paper jam. The solutions are as follows:

1. Eject the paper tray from the printer.

2. Check if there is a piece of paper left inside the machine beside the print-head and the cartridge. Remove it.

3. Reinsert the paper tray.

4. Check for the error message on your LCD.

If there is still a message error on LCD, you’ll need to contact the Brother Printer Support.

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