BOMB UFOs Witnesses Reaction Shocker UTICA NY USA

BOMB UFOs β€’ Witnesses Reaction Shocker β€’ UTICA NY USA

September has seen several UFO Sighting footage videos come out of the UTICA, NY State area. If these are flares or not, there is definitely something interesting going on there.

We wouldn't normally post a video where the resemblance to flares is quite high - but for the fact yesterday we talked a lot in the comments about shaky & crappy footage is so widespread in UFO recordings, given today's technology - and how frustrating it is; but from the viewpoint of the public, and excited first-time witnesses to something they feel is out of the ordinary in the sky - well today's video is a great example.

It's 4 lights high up, look a lot like flares, yet no smoke trails from them, they stay very stationary for over 8 minutes.

We didn't do an analysis. It is what it is on this one, let me know your thoughts, if you think these are flares, or not.

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