BMW Microtransactions: Great Improvement or Terrible Money Pit? (2 Perspectives)

Microtransactions are a touchy subject among fans of video games, and they are finding their way into more and more areas of our lives. BMW wants to introduce them to their vehicles.

How Will BMW Charge Microtransactions?

The cars will have the option in-screen to turn on features that haven’t been activated yet. Activated is the keyword here, not installed. Features such as adaptive cruise control and heated seats will exist on the car already, and will lie dormant until a monthly fee is paid to make them available.

The Pros & Cons

BMW To Add Microtransactions? • Pros & Cons with Cars Simplified
Microtransactions aren’t all bad news! There will be some benefits to the consumer… But will the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for you?

While this new way of selling features does mean the money coming out of your wallet has no end in sight (unless you want to get rid of a feature), there is also an upside of reduced depreciation thanks to used cars being fully customizable!

BMW Logo with one of the blue pieces removed, with a price tag around that piece off to the side, implying the cost of microtransactions are needed to complete the car.

What’s Next?

Microtransactions as we see them here are applying the popular trend of services with reoccurring fees like streaming music and movies. When self-driving cars become more reliable, there will likely be a built-in way to let a car rent itself out so that you can generate some passive income when you aren’t using your car. If this feature comes with the car, you know the manufacturer will be taking a cut of that.

These new BMW microtransactions, no matter how you feel about them, will very likely be a catalyst for new technology and ideas that we haven’t thought of yet. Whatever happens, remember that we all encourage what companies can do with our money, so make sure you spend it wisely!

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