Benefits of Sponsorship | Become a Patron

Benefits of Sponsorship | Become a Patron

A call to action for all who want to make money online together and continue to give small YouTubers support as I grow my channel and promote myself as an artist in more places online.

Watch to see the benefits of sponsorship should you become a patron of my artistic endeavors!

With the rewards I offer to each tier of sponsors on my new Patreon account, those who support this starving artist will not be giving a handout, but buying advertising for their own business, youtube channel, etc. You can get shoutouts and advertisements on all of my social media platforms that can help you to grow your own YouTube channel, grow your business, or whatever other ideas of your own for earning passive income for yourself you would like to use these platforms for.

Those who follow me here on YouTube, please also:
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Even those who don't become patrons themselves, by sharing this video, or in any way helping to bring in monthly sponsors, you too can be entitled to the benefits of sponsorship given to my patreon sponsors!

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