Beautiful Woman Ghost Apparition in Motel Room

Sightings of a Beautiful Woman Ghost in the Inn Room
This is a story about my scary experience when I stayed overnight at an inn.
That night me and my two friends were on our way back to our city. The three of us are students at a college outside the city. Since it was past midnight and we were worried that there would be trouble on the road, we decided to stay overnight at a cheap inn. Finally we stopped at an inn. Because in the inn room there is only 1 bed which is only enough for 2 people, Reni, the friend who rode my motorbike, slept on the sofa. We slept soundly.
After a few hours we fell asleep, suddenly Reni woke me up. While shaking my body he spoke like he was scared, β€œDina! get up! Let’s go home now!” I replied in a state of not being fully aware, β€œWhy the hell? It’s not morning yet.” He replied, β€œI’ll tell you on the way. I don’t want to sleep here. If you don’t want to go home now, I’m going home alone.”!

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