Beautiful scenes around the world

Incredible Scenes Around the World

This is a compilation of Incredible Scenes around the World;
1.Ship shaped Forest

2.Giant honeybees use a collective defence known as "shimmering" to deter wasps and other predators, whereby hundreds of individual bees flip their abdomens upwards in a coordinated Mexican wave-like pattern

3.Carpet Sharks :These sharks live on the sea floor, coupled with their symmetrical patterns .
4.The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever existed. Just to give some perspective, its tongue alone is the weight of an adult elephant. Oceans were once abundant with these gentle giants but aggressively hunted, there is only 3-11% of a population that existed in 1911.
5.This is a ‘cloud waterfall’ it is at the summit of Bluff Knoll, Western Australia and is 1,099 metres (3,606 ft) above sea level. Cloud waterfalls are called orographic fog and are created by Orographic lift. I’m going to try and simplify this process, credits at the end 1/3

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