Tutorial: Advanced Posts

QUICK STARE Publishing Custom Posts

How to create advanced custom posts.

Visit Create>+ Custom Post in the menu to get started.

In this tutorial we will cover a few of the features that you can add to a custom post to create an exceptional and superior article for your content. We will only be using a small fraction of the block types that are available. Many of the block types are common website functions, so there is plenty of information online if you need to find more information about them.

Custom and advanced posts along with videos submitted to Quick Stare will be indexed in search engines, where as status updates most likely will not. This can give your content a far reaching advantage on a powerful organic publishing platform that many other social networks do not offer. Posts on Quick Stare will be published with all the correct structured data markup and open graph data that search engines and social networks use the understand and display content correctly. New and updated posts will also be submitted for indexing by Google search, instantly via an API. The post also creates an accelerated mobile page version (AMP Page), that may be cached by Google for super fast loading speeds on mobile devices. You may have noticed in Google’s mobile search results, AMP listings have a bolt icon ⚡ and load instantly. Visit the QUICK STARE AMP website here.

You can also check out the basic Custom Post Tutorial for how to write good titles and create higher quality content. So let’s get started.

Document, Block and SEO Options.

The custom post panel on the right is where you can switch between editing the Document, Block and SEO options. To switch between the options simply press the gear icon next to the publish / update button to edit the document or block options. To edit the SEO options press the chart 0/100 button next to the gear icon.


Tutorial: Advanced Posts Articles on QUICK STARE


Custom Post Block Options


Custom Post SEO Options

Let’s start with the document. Here you can choose a category and add some tags and featured thumbnail image. There is also more options here that include making the post public or private, publish immediately or schedule along with the excerpt and comment/discussion options.

To edit the block options, simply select the block you want to edit and choose the block tab in the menu. This will allow you to change the available settings based on the block type.

To edit the SEO options simply press the chart 0/100 button next to the gear icon in the menu. The 0/100 represents the SEO score from 0 out of 100. To edit the meta title and description, press the edit snippet button. Here you can also edit the link along with the facebook and twitter meta and featured image, encase you would like the post to be displayed differently when shared on the different networks. When you scroll further down the SEO menu, you will see recommendations to improve the SEO score and post findability in the search engines. Simply enter your focus keyword and click on the question mark for SEO tips and then fix any errors listed.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Performance

Search engine optimization is the key to reaching a target audience organically. Define a focus word or phrase that summarizes the post and enter it into the Focus Keyword input box. The SEO score is based on where the words are located and by improving this it will really help to show search engines what the primary focus of the content is.

Improve SEO.

SEO Score in Quick Stare Custom Posts

Enter a Focus Keyword.

SEO Focus Keyword Score in Quick Stare Custom Posts

Adding New Block Types.

After you have entered a title, simply press Enter on the keyboard to exit the title or the current block, you can also press the + button to open the block menu. If you cannot see the + button, it may be because you are editing a video submitted using the video submission page, simply click on the 3 dot menu and select Convert to Blocks. After you press the + button, you can either search for a block or choose one from the menu. At the top of the menu you will see your most used blocks and if you scroll down there are many sub menus that contain a vast variety of block types. Simply click the arrows in the block menu to expand the sub menus.

Custom Post Block Menu on QUICK STARE

Common Block Types.

Adding common block types such as headings, text paragraphs and images is easy. Simply press the + button to add a new block and choose or search for heading, paragraph or image and then select that block from the menu. Now let’s get started with some more advanced blocks.

How to Embed a Video, Image, Song + More.

Embed means to display and utilize content from another website without leaving the page you are currently on. It is easy to embed any of the content types from various websites listed below. Simply copy and paste the link into a new empty block or you can search for the embed block.

Website and Content type.

  • YouTube – Videos.
  • Facebook – post, activity, photo, video, media, question, note.
  • Spotify – Music.
  • Instagram – Images.
  • Twitter – Tweet, profile, list, collection, likes, Moment.
  • Giphy – Animated GIFs.
  • Reddit – Posts & Comments.
  • Photobucket – Images.
  • ReverbNation – Music.
  • Scribd – Documents.
  • SlideShare – Presentation slideshows.
  • SmugMug – Various.
  • SoundCloud – Music.
  • Amazon Kindle – Videos.
  • Animoto – Videos.
  • Vine – Videos.
  • WordPress.tv – Videos.
  • Blip – Videos.
  • Cloudup – Videos, Galleries, Images.
  • CollegeHumor – Videos.
  • Crowdsignal – Polls & Surveys.
  • DailyMotion – Videos.
  • Flickr – Videos & Images.
  • FunnyOrDie – Videos.
  • Hulu – Videos.
  • Imgur – Images.
  • Issuu – Documents.
  • Kickstarter – Projects.
  • Meetup – Various.
  • Mixcloud – Music.
  • Speaker Deck – Presentation slideshows.
  • TED – Videos.
  • Tumblr – Various.
  • VideoPress – Videos.
  • Vimeo – Videos.

Video Tutorial: Custom Posts

How to add Social Icons.

You can also add social icons to your custom post. Simply add the social icons block and choose the social networks you want to add by clicking on the network icon. Enter the link to your social network and then press enter or use the enter button to confirm.

Social Icons Example:

How to add columns.

Adding columns is a great way to display content on different devices. Instead of having one large image that is hard to view on a mobile device you can create 3 small images in columns. This way they will be viewed alongside each other on larger screens, but on a mobile device they will be one on top of the other. Simply add or search for columns and choose the amount of columns to display and proportions. Next press the + button inside each column to add new blocks in each column. See in the example below, three equal columns and then it shows the + buttons to add new blocks within the columns.

Custom Post Columns Example on Quick Stare

How to add a spacer.

Spacers can be used to space things out when content items are too close together. Simply add a spacer blocks and then adjust it to the size of space you want to create.

How to add Metadata.

Metadata is generated automatically using the title, user name and posts category. To add or edit the custom post metadata, simply click on the SEO score tab and then press edit snippet. This will give you the options to change the meta title, permalink and meta description. It also shows you the maximum amount of characters to be used along with giving an SEO score based on the length of the meta data. To short or to long will not score well. It is important to use the primary focus keywords within the metadata.

Edit Metadata

Add or Edit Custom Post Metadata

SEO Score

Add or Edit Custom Post Meta Title and Meta Description

Other Options.

You can drop and drag blocks or use the arrows to move them up and down in location. Simply select the block to bring up the block menu which also has a few other options, say for example if you want to delete a block or convert it to HTML.

When you have finished creating your custom post you can preview it by pressing the preview button located next to the Publish/Update button in the top right. You can also view and edit your posts via the main menu.

Visit Create> Custom Post in the menu to get started.

That will do for this tutorial. Feel free to add a suggestion for a tutorial in the Quick Stare Feedback Group. For more information on how to use Quick Stare and tutorials please read the FAQ.

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