A Bolt from the Blue

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The footage you saw was shot in different locations and recorded by myself. I am an amateur animator and a nature lover. In this brief video you'll get a piece of my style what I love to do in my freetime. More videos are under construction mainly stories that I would love to share.The video took 2 months from scratch to finish. Every animation was done handmade no preset was used. If you want to support me please consider subscribing and share this video everyone of you counts. If you have any questions or critics feel free to write them in the comment section below.

♫ The music in this video is: ♫
ODESZA - It's Only (ft. Zyra) [ODESZA VIP Remix] https://youtu.be/-_z8ySSYsnE

🔊 Sound Effects: 🔊
via Epidemic Sound:

I do not own any rights for the music and sound effects that were used in the video.

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