5 Strong reasons why you should’t put a woman on a pedestal

How To Stop Putting Women On A Pedestal #menmovement #relationship

Hello guys. In this main episode i'm talking a little about why you should not put a woman on a pedestal.
And for this first episode i will give you 5 strong reasons why should't do that. βœ”
"At first, the interaction with the woman was great. Maybe you exchanged phone numbers with her. Maybe you went on a date or two with her. maybe you had sex with her and it was very good, it was intense. And suddenly she just drop you".
" You start texting her, good morning beautiful how are you, but she didn't respond you". And you feel that she's not so into you. Or she starts to response with short sentences:"G.M. i'm good".
And you'r like what the heck just happendπŸ€”. And you feel like you're losing her
And you wanna fix this because we as men we like to fixπŸ”
πŸ“ŒThe number one reason why you shouldn't put a woman on a pedestal is this: You're the man, the provider or the alpha one and the woman must follow you. And you gotta be focus on your purpose, because when you don't have other things to do and you focus on her, the woman starts to lose interes in you!!!βœ”
πŸ“ŒThe second strong reason why you should't put a woman on a pedestal is this: A WOMAN IS 100% EMOTIONALβ˜οΈβœ”
Her emotions will go up and down that's why today everything will be ok, she will tell you that she loves you, maybe you'r the best father for her kids and tomorrow or after tomorrow she's gone! This happens because of her emotions. And be careful what kind of emotions you will express. Because she will notice when you start to complain, or when you start to put negative behavior in your relationship ans THAT'S THE MOMENT WHEN SHE STARTS TO LOSE INTERES IN YOU!!!β˜οΈβœ”.
πŸ“ŒThe 3rd strong reasons why you should not put her on a pedestal is this: PAY ATTENTION ON WHAT SHE'S DOING NOT WHAT SHE'S SAYING!
And nowadays with all these social networks they will demand a lot of attention. If she starts to drop like daily photos of her alone on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook is because she demand attention from those thirsty guys not from you because when it comes about you she already knows you! BUT SHE NEEDS VALIDATION!!!βœ”πŸ”β˜οΈ
πŸ“ŒThe number 4 reason why you should't put a woman on a pedestal is this: A woman's clock starts to ticking away. Meaning that she knows realy well that she has like 20 year of being beautiful! She knows that only for a period of time she will be beautifulβœ”
That's why many women in this days just want all the lights to be on them!!! That's why they need validation and she will start to drag that from you or from other guy or guys, REMEMBER THISβ˜οΈπŸ”βœ”.

πŸ“ŒThe 5th reason why you should't put a woman on a pedestal is this: DON'T GO EMOTIONAL!πŸ”βœ”.
Meaning to not react on each situation when it comes about her. BECAUSE SHE WILL DRAG YOU ON HER GROUND AND SHE WILL START TO BEAT YOU LIKE A CHEROKEE DRUM!!!β˜οΈβœ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” Remember she's 100% emotional, that's her field. And when she feels that you react on each situation that she brings she will start to lose interes in you! βœ”πŸ”