3 Terrifying Games #24

3 Terrifying Games #24

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Falling Between: https://brynh123.itch.io/falling-between
H.G.: https://glory-meat.itch.io/hg
Head to the Exit: https://prettysmart.itch.io/head-to-t...

"Falling Between is a short First Person 3D Adventure Horror Game inspired by Junji Ito. This game was created for the Two Minute Horror Jam"

"Welcome to your local carnival dark ride.

It's a family-run business, so don't be surprised if it breaks down. Just stay in your vehicle. Whatever you do, don't get out and look for an exit.
This game is inspired by my irrational fear of having to walk out of a haunted house or ride during a breakdown. I love dark rides, but I've always been scared of those smaller establishments in the middle of nowhere. Imagine if you decided to visit one on a whim without telling anyone where you went… no one would know where to look for you… At least this ride has multiple exits..."

Pulang: Insanity: https://link.xsolla.com/9d7Qc8VK

Here's a first look at some other upcoming horror games:

Scary game playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El0ar...

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