3 Terrifying Games #23

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The Baby in Yellow: https://teamterrible.itch.io/the-baby...
There Are Ghosts in These Stalls: https://wrlck.itch.io/there-are-ghost...
Night Chat: https://fedealvarez.itch.io/night-chat

"As a baby sitter you have to deal with some unruly children. This one might be your last.... How long will you stay in control?"

"You are trapped in a bathroom stall. There are weird writings on the door. You feel a sinister presence in the room."

"Night Chat it's a little nightmare about the light that comes from the computer when we are in total darkness in the middle of the night, and what lies beyond that."

Pulang: Insanity: https://link.xsolla.com/9d7Qc8VK

Here's a first look at some other upcoming horror games:

Scary game playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El0ar...

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Outro: "Aries Beats Halloween Synthwave"

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