11/28 Wheel of Shakespeare Acting Challenge

11/28 Wheel of Shakespeare Challenge

Continuing with the next round of our weekly Shakespeare Acting Challenge as the weekly "grow your channel" collaboration live-stream activity for us to collaborate with other actors and youtubers,

Here is the Streamyard Link for those who would like to play, and not just watch:

- https://streamyard.com/cwcfphesm6

And for those of you who would like to take a look at what's on the wheel before Saturday afternoon to get some idea of what might come up, here are the links to the various wheels from the "Wheel of Monologues":

Male Monologues Wheel: https://wheelofnames.com/mxf-h8g
Female Monologues Wheel: https://wheelofnames.com/8xy-kp3
Gender Neutral Monologue Wheel:https://wheelofnames.com/5b2-7aa
2 Male Scene Wheel: https://wheelofnames.com/tuu-ca7
2 Female Scene Wheel: https://wheelofnames.com/2m4-cuu
Male/Female Scene Wheel: https://wheelofnames.com/8c8-yrq

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