❤️ Author Olivia Tatara Explains Love Haiku ❤️

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I would love to treat you to an amazing book that has been a compilation of my life of wanting love, experiencing love, and ultimately knowing the truth about love. True love comes from inside each one of us. There is unlimited love in the universe. You just have to open your heart and allow energy to flow throughout your entire being.

People say surrender to the energy, surrender to the love. You are surrendering to the higher part of yourself that knows your life plan. All worry, pain, and love issues you think you have will dissipate. Love cures all.

I love you.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
Im sorry.

This book changed my life and now I bring it to you in full color so you can experience poetry AND art in ways that you will see your life change as if you were an observer. You experience your life through your heart. You create your life through your heart.

Really think about what you want in your life. If you do not know, allow Love Haiku to be your guide. Once the heart is open, you will be able to create from a space of inspiration.

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